News | 10-05-2024


DJM collaborates with Plasmatreat and demonstrates a late-stage versioning application of folding carton at DRUPA

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News | 03-05-2024

Eureka launch

EUREKA sets new ground breaking standards in inkjet

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News | 12-04-2024

Inkjet Integration Profiles: DJM

By Ralf Schlozer / Published: April 11, 2024 [Inkjet Insight]

In this series of inkjet integrator profiles, Inkjet Insight aims to portray companies focussed on offering custom-developed inkjet printing solutions to their customers. Some of the basic considerations have been laid out in the introductory article.

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News | 17-01-2024

The Ultra printing platform

Some time ago we installed the first printing systems of our completely new Ultra platform. After installing the systems for customers who use them 24/7, we can now say that the printing systems deliver what we promise in terms of productivity and reliability.

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News | 05-12-2023

New installation UltraUV

One of our customers in Argentina, SuPapel S.A., was looking for a new inkjet printing system to produce voting forms. To produce these forms efficiently, they thought about creating a hybrid printing line.

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News | 04-12-2023

Successful event with partner DG press

On November 21st, the 9th in-house event was held at DG press, and was entirely focused on security and pharmaceutical print.

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News | 02-11-2023

DJM participates in DG press event on 21 november

On November 21, DJM will participate in the in-house event at DG press.

With this in-house event, already the 8th edition, DG press organizes an event that is entirely dedicated to pharmaceutical and security print.

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News | 31-10-2023

Transition of the packaging industry supported with a subsidy from OP-Oost and the European Union

DJM develops new inkjet printing technology for the packaging industry

The packaging industry is subject to many trends and developments. The main driver is the general desire to make the supply chain more sustainable. One of the trends is to make packaging production more flexible through the use of digital printing technology.

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News | 11-09-2023

We welcome Bas, our new sales intern

DJM has always invested in offering internships, to give talent a change and to learn together during the process.

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News | 01-02-2023

New developments supported with a subsidy from OP-Oost and the European Union

DJM implements photonic technology in new generation printers

The drive of DJM has always been to offer its business partners the best possible inkjet printing solution. This desire results in a clear design philosophy and focuses on the development of inkjet related hard- and software.

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News | 17-01-2023

We welcome Zbigniew ...... starting the year fresh!

As of January 2, Zbigniew Killinski has joined our technical department. With his knowledge and experience he is a welcome addition to the team.

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News | 14-12-2022

A warm welcome to Aneta

To manage growth it is important to optimize all processes. With the arrival of Aneta, the administration and logistics department will be expanded so we can get things better and faster.

We wish Aneta welcome on her first day at work, but we will let her introduce herself:

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News | 11-11-2022

Expanding the electronic fleet

The electric vehicle fleet has been further expanded. Arwin van Oostveen now drives fully electrically to meet customers and partners.

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News | 21-10-2022

We welcome Jeffrey to the team

Today we are excited to tell you about latest addition to the DJM team, Jeffrey Kooijer a new face in the mechanical engineering department. We will let him introduce himself:

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News | 10-08-2022

DJM goes solar to reduce carbon footprint

On our journey to make DJM more sustainable, DJM has invested in solar energy. These new solar panels will help DJM reduce their emissions by ensuring that 99 percent of the time our company runs on sustainable energy.

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News | 09-08-2022

New faces in a growing team

We're excited to announce that the team is expanding so we can grow the business, become more successful, and get things done faster! Here is a brief introduction to some of the latest new faces.

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News | 14-07-2022

DJM supports Lijnco with action 'Stelvio for life'

The Stelvio for Life Foundation was established with the aim of raising money for research into a personal cancer treatment tailored to the individual patient and their specific tumor characteristics, based on DNA analysis of the tumor tissue.

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News | 27-06-2022

DJM participates in FuturePrint's Leaders Summit

The FuturePrint Leaders Summit will take place on June 29th and 30th in Geneva (Switzerland).

During this two-day event, industry information will be shared through presentations and panel discussions by leading industry experts.

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News | 20-06-2022

A sustainable approach

Last week, Xander Lammerts van Bueren successfully completed his internship assignment, and with it his study business administration.

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News | 09-02-2022

Meet Xander Lammerts van Bueren

As of today, Xander has joined our sales and marketing team.

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News | 26-01-2022

DJM works together with 'Inclusief Groep' on an inclusive labor market

DJM is passionate about offering talents with a distance to the labor market a place.

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News | 26-11-2021

Interesting podium session during FuturePrint & Pack Summit

Successful participation of DJM and Siegwerk at the FuturePrint & Pack Summit event in Cambridge (UK).

FuturePrint & Pack Summit was fully focused on the packaging industry. Trends and challenges were central to this plenary knowledge session.

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Blog | 29-10-2021

Inkjet integration is skyrocketing

Variable data has made its appearance in many applications across the industry. Whether it concerns the printing of unique codes on packaging, or data to print short runs, inkjet printing has emerged to print these applications efficiently.

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News | 26-10-2021

DJM and Siegwerk present at the FuturePrint & Pack Summit


FuturePrint is a content platform dedicated to the development of new printing technology. The new hybrid event FuturePrint & Pack Summit is targeted to the packaging industry.

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print on substrate djm
Blog | 10-05-2021

The golden triangle, where all the ‘magic’ happens

Almost every project starts with the question; “Can you print on this substrate?” where at the same time printed samples are handed over as reference.

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News | 15-03-2021

C250 for Papiertechnische Stiftung

To support the packaging market, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) in Heidenau has invested in a high-quality full color inkjet printing system. This system will be used for performing material testing and analysis for the packaging market, such as corrugated board and cardboard. To meet the demands of the food industry, a water-based system was the first choice.

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Blog | 05-02-2021

How to select the 'right' printhead...

To get the maximum result out of your application the choice of the right printhead is the most important decision you have to make. But to select the right printhead you also need to investigate the substrates you want to use, combined with the type of ink. So, how to select the right printhead?

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News | 14-01-2021

Printheadlines #5

We published a new PrintheadLines, an update on all new things we work on at DJM. Read it here: Printheadlines#5

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News | 28-10-2020

DJM receives recognition for social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is an important theme for us. We work closely with the municipality and the surrounding area to stimulate employment, also for people with a work disability.

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News | 15-01-2020

PrintheadLines #4

We published a new PrintheadLines, an update on all new things we work on at DJM. Read it here: PrintheadLines #4

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Events | 14-10-2019

Visit DJM at the Thallo Discovery Day

We are very pleased to inform you that we'll be present at the Thallo Discovery Day on Tuesday October 15th 2019. This day will focus on flexible packaging. As one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry, flexible packaging combines the best qualities of plastic, film, paper and aluminum foil to deliver a broad range of protective properties while employing a minimum of material. Flexible packaging has quickly become a popular choice among consumers and consumer goods producers due to its cost efficiency and convenience. DJM's solutions are now also a good choice to print variable data on flexible packaging.

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News | 24-07-2019

Alpha Ink & Printing Materials Trading from Dubai will be our new partner

We’re proud to announce that we have assigned Alpha Ink & Printing Materials Trading from Dubai as our partner for United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait and Yemen.

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Events | 09-07-2019

Visit DJM at the DG Press Open House - Vision for Security Print

We are very pleased to inform you that we'll be present at the open house of DG Press on Thursday the 25th of July 2019. DG Press and DJM are partners and we'll be present at the open house to share everything about inkjet. DJM has a lot of expertise and experience about inkjet and we have multiple solutions to serve different markets. We have stand-alone solutions and we do integration. For example, we integrate our Samba print module into the Vision web offset printing press to add variable data into your printing job. Integrating our Samba print module into the Vision web offset printing press will give many possibilities for security print.

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News | 28-05-2019

PrintheadLines #3

We published a new PrintheadLines, an update on all new things we work on at DJM. Read it here: PrintheadLines #3

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News | 16-05-2019

Our promise to you

You want a business partner to be dependable, devoted and qualified. To promise and deliver. Here we present our promise to you.
Read our promise

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News | 14-05-2019

DJM sets a new speed record

Yes, we did it!

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News | 17-04-2019

PrintheadLines #2

We published a new PrintheadLines, an update on all new things we work on at DJM. Read it here:

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News | 08-04-2019

Short run box production

Do you want to amaze your customer with your packaging? Or want to give your customer a personalised package instead? Then start using DJM’s inkjet solutions for printing your content on your packaging.

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Uncategorized | 05-04-2019

Shipment for a security printing project

In 2018 DJM became part of an interesting security printing project. For this project DJM have manufactured three complete Samba inkjet printing systems. The Samba print modules are fully customized for this project.

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News | 08-03-2019

Helping our South American customer to optimize their production with DJM's Bulk Ink System

To optimize the production, one of our customers invested in the DJM Bulk Ink System (4C-BIS). This South American based customer is using multiple HP C800 print modules and will take the Bulk Ink System in production in the coming weeks.

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Events | 16-01-2019

Visit DJM at the Hunkeler Innovation Days 2019

From February 25th, the Hunkeler Innovation Days opens its doors. During this four-day event, Lucerne will be the capital of the ‘digital printing and finishing’ world, where industry leaders will show new and exciting products to the market. DJM will be present at the show to talk about how variable data printing process – in terms of productivity, flexibility and profitable –  can be optimized with integrated inkjet print solutions.

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News | 13-12-2018

Stefan Belgers - Senior Software Manager at DJM - about the development of Kameleon controller Software

‘When the introduction of HP's full color print modules was announced in 2010, we had to consider if the InkMailer controller software, from that time, was suitable for this. InkMailer was already used by many customers worldwide with the IPAS425i inkjet print modules.’

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News | 09-11-2018

Graficus published an article about DJM working on Photonic driven inkjet.

Hybrid presses (offset, flexo, rotogravure and screen printing) with inline inkjet printing would change the future of packaging printing, commercial printing and more. But for now, it doesn’t have massive impact, partly because inkjet imprints at full speed with hundred percent register has inevitable drawbacks. DJM is working on a solution with Photonic driven inkjet.

Read the article here

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News, Products | 15-10-2018

Full ‘White Paper Factory’ at Jetmail (NL) with DJM full color inkjet and Kern 3600 inserter

DJMs HP C500 is used for printing full color logos from sender combined with address information on blank envelopes, creating a full ‘white paper factory’ process. With this solution Jetmail can run direct mail and transactional mail efficient, productive and fully controlled.

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Events, News | 17-08-2018

DJM introduces new inkjet printing solutions during Print18

To introduce our new inkjet printing solutions - on Print Module and controller software area - to our American relations, DJM will be present at Print18.

Print18 is one of the largest trade fairs in the field of digital print and is used for end customers to be informed about new developments.

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News, Products | 10-08-2018

Breakthrough Samba technology

After the first introduction of our new Samba Print Module technology in 2017, the Samba Print Module has really penetrated the graphics industry.

After the installation at Ramon Chozas in Argentina, we have delivered many new and exciting projects. These projects embrace a wide variety of applications, from mailing (transaction and direct mail), via tickets (lottery, parking, entrée) to security documents.

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Company, News | 01-08-2018

DJM launches new corporate identity

This proposition is underlined by the wide choice of new inkjet printing solutions, which in combination with the OctiPus software offer a solution for almost every application.

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Events | 04-07-2018

DJM present at SDW2018

Security Document World – or SDW18 – was held in London in June 2018. This event was all about technology around document security.

Many different technologies are used for securing documents, including inkjet printing. Our Samba technology is ideal for security applications for the following reasons:

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News | 07-02-2018

Ramon Chozas chooses DJM inkjet technology

Ramon Chozas S.A. – a leading print service provider in Argentina – has selected DJM's inkjet printing technology to grow its variable data printing applications. To meet the high requirements of transactional and direct mail customers, Ramon Chozas was keen on improving their print capacity and print image quality.

After an extensive orientation phase, Ramon Chozas concluded that DJM was the right business partner.  The combination of inkjet expertise, cutting edge Samba printhead technology  and the flexible software platform Kameleon were decisive attributes for cooperation.

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