The Ultra printing platform

Some time ago we installed the first printing systems of our completely new Ultra platform. After installing the systems for customers who use them 24/7, we can now say that the printing systems deliver what we promise in terms of productivity and reliability.

Fully customizable
The Ultra printing system can be completely customized to the application or production requirements, such as print width, resolution, color, ink set, speed etc.

The printbar is composed of one or more printheads, which creates the ideal print width.

Based on the application requirements, the Ultra print system can be setup for printing in one color (black or spot color), in full color (CMYK) or in specific cases also with additional colors (f.i. OVG) to increase the color space.

High specification printheads
The Ultra platform is based on the latest generation of Kyocera print heads. These stand out for their robust design and, combined with the excellent straightness of the jets, the print quality is impeccable. You can choose from print resolutions of 600 to 1200 dpi, some of which are equipped with ink recirculation.

For this platform new driver boards were developed with new features to ensure maximum control over the printhead and the data.

Extremely productive
In addition to the single array system, the Ultra platform also offers the High-Speed version and is equipped with double array printheads that increase the print speed to up to 400 meters per minute.

Industrial design for maximum reliability
The Ultra print modules have been developed in accordance with our industrial design strategy. The combination of carefully selected components and a smart design ensure maximum performance combined with long-term availability. The system is characterised by its low-maintenance and maintenance-friendly and long service intervals. The (wear) parts are logically placed and makes the print modules easily accessible, so that parts can be replaced quickly and easily without the need of a specialist.

Ultra platform at a glance:
- long lasting piezoelectric printheads
- ink flexibility based on water and UV
- resolution 600 and 1,200
- scalable print bar
- up to 400 m/min

Ultra UV in monochrome. Printing width is 432 mm. System is integrated into a web offset press.

Ultra WB High-Definition full color (CMYK)

Are you looking for a complete high-speed inkjet printing solution to run your application?

Look no further, we can provide you with a tailor-made solution that exceeds your expectations!