HP Monochrome print modules M500 & M800

Realize multiple personalized print jobs, which exceed end-consumers’ expectations. Integrating HP thermal inkjet print modules in your workflow will enhance your digital performance.

Your consumer needs personalived

HP monochrome M500 and M800 thermal inkjet print modules have an industry proven performance. The excellent print quality appeals to designers, customers and end-consumers alike. With a print speed of up to 800 feet (244 meters) per minute for the M800, and up to 500 feet (150 meters) for the M500, short lead times are guaranteed.

Monochrome Print Module (M500/M800)

Leverage the power of inkjet printing

For increased efficiency and uptime improvement the modules are equipped with a comprehensive service station with automated printhead cleaning. Printhead replacement is fast and easy. HP modules do not require costly refurbishing routines. They are easily integrated into your existing workflow. The total print swath can be expanded by using multiple print modules.

The print modules are standard equipped with an external ink cartridge supply system. The system holds two cartridges per color which makes exchanging cartridges while producing possible.

DJM is a valued HP OEM partner: we couple our extensive inkjet integration expertise with HP print modules to offer you great flexibility.

Start integrating digital excellence

HP print module M500/M800 benefits:

  • Flexible integration
  • Promotes uptime
  • High speed
  • Reliable technique

Looking for the best fit to complement your digital print jobs?

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