Our promise

Inkjet expertise

DJM's specialty is developing and improving inkjet printing technology. From the development of print modules, driver electronics to controller software, everything is done in-house with a dedicated team of specialists.

Our experience gives you a competitive edge!

In house development

To achieve the level of system reliability, DJM has taken the entire development process into their own hands. With our own R&D department, we drive inkjet technologies to the maximum, ensuring performance in the field. By learning from our customers every day, we know what their challenge is. With that information we can develop new software tools and features.

Our strive for the best solution drives you further!

Different inkjet technologies

With a ‘for every application the right solution’ approach, DJM has a wide range of different technologies for you to choose from. From an entry-level solution to a high performing industrial inkjet solution.

Be ready for the future, and select a partner that understands your current and future needs!

Partner of industry leaders

DJM is strategic partner of HP, Kyocera and Fujifilm Dimatix. With these partners, DJM has the best thermal and piezo inkjet technologies available.

We rely on the best partners, so can you!

Integration specialist

Over the last 25 years we have executed many inkjet integration projects, from web offset or flexo presses, web finishing lines, roll collators to vacuum based conveyors. To maximize the overall production line performance, we look into every detail of the project, exchanging signals between systems, print module mounting etc.

Our integration experience gives you the confidence to have the best integrated solution!

Smart controller software

The controller software – Kameleon – is developed by DJM's own software department. By programming the software internally, we can adapt quickly and efficiently to changes. Kameleons’ rip engine is software-based, and rips the data on the fly, bringing flexibility to your production. Kameleon is flexible, adaptive and controls & combines various inkjet printing technologies. It reinforces an intuitive, icon-driven and efficient user interface.

Kameleon gives you the flexibility you need to grow your business!

Industrial design philosophy

We understand that our solutions must be profitable to our customers. The better the system performs – in terms of productivity, reliability and flexibility – the higher the profit. We live by a clear industrial design philosophy that ensures reliable system that is easy to maintain.

We believe that reliability is key in making profit with variable data printing!

Global customer base

Our inkjet printing solutions are valued by our global customers. In case of specific requirements, we manufacture a tailor-made solution, based on the project description and expectations of our customers. Providing a solution that exceeds the expectations of our customers, that’s what drives us!

Our customers around the globe rely on our solutions and expertise, so can you!

Inkjet consulting partner

With more than 25 years of inkjet experience, we are a partner with a lot of expertise and know-how. We can help your project succeed and provide you with all information needed.

We will give our maximum in supplying you with an inkjet solution that exceeds your expectation!

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