A wide portfolio with a ‘best solution for every application’ approach

Inkjet printing is the technology to print with variable data and has had a huge impact in different markets, production processes and applications.

Variable data is used for printing, for example, tracking codes, personalization, language changes, addressing, etc. In addition, there is an increasing demand for production in small runs, for example to make the supply chain more flexible by setting up production on a demand-driven basis.

Different perspectives

There is interest in variable printing throughout the supply chain - from manufacturers, converters and repackers to brand owners - everyone sees the benefits.

Every project is different

From an inkjet perspective, every project is different when looking at the substrate (porous or non-porous), the ink (water-based ink, UV ink, invisible ink, edible ink), print speed, number of colors etc.

The best solution for every application

To meet all these requirements, DJM has built up an extensive portfolio based on various inkjet printing technologies.


Ultra WB

For flexible use with high printing quality and high printing speed.

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Ultra High-Definition WB

High image quality 1.200 dpi and flexible printing solution.

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HP mono

An easy to integrate monochrome system.

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System components

Stock solutions or heavily modified components for your printing needs.

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Ultra UV

For flexible use with high printing quality and high printing speed.

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Compact full color system with printing width up to 297 mm.

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HP color

An easy to integrate full color system.

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Ultra High-Speed WB

High speed printing up to 400 meter per minute.

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A compact and easy to use inkjet system.

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High throughput, wide and flexible printing solution.

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Controller software

Flexible and adaptive print management software.

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