New developments supported with a subsidy from OP-Oost and the European Union

DJM implements photonic technology in new generation printers

The drive of DJM has always been to offer its business partners the best possible inkjet printing solution. This desire results in a clear design philosophy and focuses on the development of inkjet related hard- and software.

The challenge with inkjet printing is always to form the ideal drop and position it in the right position.

For our 'next generation' inkjet printing solutions DJM will apply photonics technology. The latest in photonics makes it possible to transmit huge amounts of data which is necessary to provide these new printing solutions.

Subsidy from OP-Oost and European Union

After a successful pitch DJM has received funding from the European Union for the realization of this project. For non-contact printing technique the substrate transport is very important to realize high-quality prints. The main objective of the project is 3-dimensional registration of substrate movements and simultaneous adjustments of the print module at nozzle level. In this way a situation is created in which the perfect inkjet drop is formed under all circumstances and is placed in the right place on the substrate.

To realize this, a new measurement method is developed to follow the substrate accurately. Sensors will also be developed that can carry out these measurements - in x, y and z dimension.

DJM works closely together with TNO for this project.