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Print jobs come in a wide variety. You need an inkjet technology that contributes to profitability.

DJM develops inkjet solutions that meet the production characteristics of your market segment. DJM has a broad portfolio of industrial inkjet solutions for sectors such as: Packaging (corrugated and flexible), Coding and Inspection, Direct Mail, Loyalty Programs, Lottery & Gaming, Labeling & Addressing.


Create attractive value and sell more. Appealing packaging is more important than ever because it helps to sell the product. Inkjet printing technology is increasingly used to optimize packaging communication because it adds commercial value. Through DJM’s inkjet solutions and integration options, variable data printing becomes accessible for packaging manufacturers.

DJM has the various print modules available that are easy to integrate, making hybrid print suitable for printing liners. For direct printing on corrugated board DJM has print modules available with robust printheads, so you can work seamlessly with your direct print application.

Coding, checking and marking

Packaging coding and marking provides security and traceability. Careful analysis of packaging substrates is needed for consistent quality. DJM provides packaging suppliers with expert consultation and R&D to supply the right digital inkjet coding and marking solution. Durable techniques with high speed and throughput.

DJM has also a range of camera inspection systems available that can validate the 1D or 2D code inline with the printing process. In case of an rejected code a small printing system can mark the printed product.

Flexible packaging

As one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry, flexible packaging combines the best qualities of plastic, film, paper and aluminium foil to deliver a broad range of protective properties while employing a minimum of material. Flexible packaging has quickly become a popular choice among consumers and consumer goods producers due to its cost efficiency and convenience. DJM's solutions are now also a good choice to print variable data on flexible packaging.

Direct mail

Do you want to help your demanding customers translate digital campaigns into highly personalized, exceptional direct mail impressions? Add value and convert a mail item into a transaction to generate money. Our high-tech inkjet expertise makes it possible to print with a wide variety of print modules and inks on a wide variety of substrates in many shapes and sizes.

Book Printing

Adapt to on-demand book printing and have it ready at the right time, place, quality and price. Especially for book printers and publishers, DJM has developed inkjet printing solutions in black and white and full color and is based on the latest high-definition printheads. Reduce your end-to-end supply chain cost by DJMs book printing solutions.

Envelope printing

Add value to your mailing with targeted messaging on envelopes. The mailing will appeal to more consumers and convert offers into new business opportunities. Our full-color inkjet solutions are easily integrable to create an optimized workflow with great flexibility.

Loyalty programs

Realize creative personalized customer loyalty programs with our flexible inkjet print solutions. DJM’s inkjet solutions give you the flexibility to print unique, personalized offers and coupons fast and reliable. Proven variable data printing at its finest.


Keep self-mailers affordable with efficient inline personalization or variable data printing. DJM expertly adds inkjet print modules to your web or sheet finishing line. From black and white addresses to colorful graphics, DJM's inkjet solutions can handle it all.

Security Printing

Produce banknotes, checks, product authentication, tax labels and passports that stand the test. To guarantee authenticity, a mix of technologies is used, such as special substrates (e.g. thermal paper, special fibers or cotton), inks (UV curable, invisible, illuminating or taggant), micro text and 2D codes are used.

Due to the wide range of inkjet technologies from DJM in combination with the different ink options, there is a suitable solution available for everyone.

Lottery and Gaming

It is vital to provide your customers with genuine lottery and gaming tickets. To ensure ticket integrity, a mix of technologies is used, such as special substrates, inks, micro text and variable data is used. Due to the wide range of inkjet technologies from DJM in combination with the various ink options, there is a suitable solution for everyone.

Parking, public transport and entrée tickets

Providing good and detectable tickets is crucial for parking, public transport, venue and concerts. To ensure ticket integrity, a mix of technologies is used, such as specialty substrates, inks, micro text and variable data. Due to the wide range of inkjet technologies from DJM in combination with the various ink options, there is a suitable solution for everyone.


As run lengths decrease, more versions and variations are required in labelling. Our inkjet solutions can help you decrease time to market and create complex and exciting label solutions for the demanding customer.


Whether your print job is in monochrome, 2 color or full-color, you can show your clients that addressing does not just have to be just that: an address. DJM’s inkjet solutions demonstrate that the entire envelope surface can be used. Images and personalised messages, printed at high quality and speed to help increase your clients open envelop rates.

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