Eureka launch

EUREKA sets new ground breaking standards in inkjet

We are very proud to launch the all-new EUREKA printing technology as it sets new standards in usability and integration.

With keywords such as simplicity, efficiency and ease of use, this is the smartest inkjet solution available.

Easy integration
The compact design combined with the ability to print both vertically and horizontally (from the side) makes it an integrator’s dream. The higher throw distance makes it ideal for printing on surfaces that are not fully flat.

The Eureka system comes with an external cartridge based ink supply system. The ink system is equipped with two cartridges per color and is designed for continuous production. The ink cartridges and printhead can be replaced in just a few minutes without tools.

Eureka is using HPs latest TIJ4.0-HD printheads and has a native resolution of 1.200 dpi and a print width of 4.25". With the patented micro-recirculation technology the printhead servicing and decap is minimal and relates to a very long open time of the nozzles.



  • Resolution 1.200 dpi with redundancy
  • Per printhead 2 colors of 1.200 dpi
  • Prints vertical and horizontal (from the side)
  • Long nozzle open time
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to integrate
  • Outstanding reliability


  • Printhead technology: thermal drop-on-demand, with micro-recirculation
  • Printhead width: 4.25 inch (108 mm)
  • Print bar width: scalable in 4.25 inch increments
  • Resolution: 1.200 dpi per slot
  • Number of slots: 2
  • Speed: up to 183 m/min
  • Drop size: 7 pL
  • Ink type: water-based
  • Ink supply system: cartridge based, 2 cartridges of 775 ml per color

direct print of packaging

mailing and addressing

mailer and shopping bags

lottery and labelling

QR codes for traceability

coding and security print

Interested? Contact us for how you can benefit from the completely new Eureka inkjet system!