Service R&D

Your innovation personalived

Looking for better inkjet technology and great service? Easy integration, higher quality print output, speed? As a professional in printing you need a partner to be able to break new ground, be more effective and future-forward.

Breaking new inkjet ground

Through customer insight and advanced technical know-how the DJM team aims to keep exploring better inkjet solutions in quality and functionality. We combine sophisticated and durable hardware materials and practical construction design with cutting edge print control software. Through research and development, we refine inkjet technologies to make your professional life easier and give you a competitive edge.

Hours are well spent on exchanging and funnelling information from our key partners, customers and suppliers to drive new inkjet technologies. Easy integration, higher quality print output, speed. Dedicated to being the best partner in inkjet solutions we listen, observe, explore and create. With a no-nonsense, practical attitude we keep updating. To make what’s good even better.

Service through R&D

Inkjet Service and R&D are closely linked at DJM. We value customer input for product and service innovation. Feedback from service requests is carefully studied and subsequent secure remote support or on-site action is taken swiftly but thoroughly. The same team that is responsible for inkjet R&D will manage your service request. Which is one of the reasons why our solid engineering and programming skills are well respected in the industry.

Be our partner to drive new inkjet technology

Through inspired inkjet printing technology DJM personalives direct mailing campaigns, lottery & gaming, loyalty programs, packaging and many more. And our unique hybrid Kameleon inkjet controlling software makes it all easy to operate. Our well-respected Inkjet expertise helps printing companies grow. So let’s talk, over the phone, or even better … in person!