DJM supports Lijnco with action 'Stelvio for life'

The Stelvio for Life Foundation was established with the aim of raising money for research into a personal cancer treatment tailored to the individual patient and their specific tumor characteristics, based on DNA analysis of the tumor tissue.

This annual goal is achieved by raising money for a sporting event by climbing the Stelvio Pass while walking, running or cycling.

Also this year – on September 3 – Lijnco is participating, and has set itself the goal of climbing the Stelvio with the racing bike at least twice. With over 100 km and with 3,000 vertical meters an enormous achievement, with the result that a large amount can be raised for 'Stelvio for life.

Because this fits well with the values ​​and vision of DJM, we would like to support Lijnco in this.

With the silver partnership we support team Lijnco with a contribution of 1,500 euros.

We wish team Lijnco, with Hanjo Battjes, Jan de Klein, Tjeerd Visser and Anne Werkman good luck and safe kilometers!!

If you would like to financially support this great initiative, just like us, donate a nice amount here.