Benefits and cost savings

Up time

The DJM print modules are designed for industrial use. Keeping maintenance and set-up routines to an absolute minimum can maximize the availability of your equipment. Uptimes can be expected of 99%.

Annual capacity is  2,000 hours

Up-time technology X = 80%
Production hours (80% from 2,000) = 1,600 hours

Up-time Samba technology = 99%
Production hours (99% from 2,000) = 1,980 hours

Annual cost saving: 380 hours x € 500 p/hour = € 190,000

Refurbishing cost

DJM has a wide range of piezoelectric print modules and uses the latest printheads from Kyocera and Fujifilm Dimatix. The printheads are designed for long lasting performance and do not require costly refurbishing routing. This saves you time and money as it means NO refurbishing cost, NO shipping cost and NO cost for back-up print modules.

Set-up time

The DJM print modules are designed to be set-up in no time. It only takes a few minutes to set-up the system for printing, ensuring maximum system availability and maximizing your productivity and profitability.


The DJM print modules are manufactured to customer specifications. For wider printing requirements, multiple printheads are stitched together to form a staggered or straight print bar up to 100 inches in length. For higher print speeds, the print bar is formed from two rows of interlaced printheads.

High print quality

The DJM print modules are characterized by the high native resolution, small droplets and excellent jetting straightness. This results in a very high and constant image quality. The printheads come with native resolutions of 600 and 1.200 dpi.

Ink flexibility

The piezo based DJM print modules come with a wide selection of inks. A wide variety of inks are available to realise your printing application. Whether water based, UV curable, security, taggant or edible inks, DJM can provide you with the right solution.

Mixed inkjet technologies

The Kameleon controller software has been developed to control the full range of DJM print modules. Whether it concerns an Ultra print module, Samba, HP or a combination, Kameleon simplifies the printing process. For Kodak users, DJM has developed a special software interface to combine these technologies.

Growth path

The DJM print modules are designed with a scalable approach. As your application changes, you can easily upgrade your system from black and white to spot or full color. If your application requires an extended color gamut, you can upgrade to 7 colors with additional OVG or RGB. Printing white, primer or clearcoat (varnish) is also possible.

The upgrade options allow the customer to expand the printing application and secure his investment.

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