Transition of the packaging industry supported with a subsidy from OP-Oost and the European Union

DJM develops new inkjet printing technology for the packaging industry

The packaging industry is subject to many trends and developments. The main driver is the general desire to make the supply chain more sustainable. One of the trends is to make packaging production more flexible through the use of digital printing technology.

With the use of this digital printing technology, packaging manufacturers can organize production more flexibly and more sustainably. In addition, they can better anticipate changing consumer behaviour and trends such as personal packaging and the use of more sustainable packaging material and inks.
Consumers demand from manufacturers and brand owners a responsible sustainability policy with regard to packaging. A trend is the transition from plastic to paper, but also to production method, waste, etc.

Subsidy from OP-Oost and European Union

OP-Oost and the European Union have provided a subsidy from REACT-EU from a second tranche. The aim of this project is to use demonstrations of digital inkjet technology to provide the packaging industry with insight into the possibilities this technology offers and its sustainability aspects. In this way, the project makes a concrete contribution to the digital transformation of the packaging industry.

To this end, DJM develops various demonstration printing systems - for various applications in the packaging industry - in collaboration with selected international and regional partners.