Successful DRUPA participation

This was the fourth time that DJM attended DRUPA, but this time we attended with our partner Plasmatreat.

Live demonstration of 'late stage versioning'

On the stand we showed a so-called 'late-stage versioning' application for folding carton together with Plamatreat. These cartons are usually provided with a laminate or lacquer finish, which means that the surface first had to be pretreated to be able to glue and print.

At the stand we demonstrated live the pre-treatment with an Openair-Plasma unit of the surface, after which a QR code was printed.

Eureka launch

Also, the launch of our completely new Eureka printer took place. The combination of high resolution, ink micro-circulation, the ability to print with one or two colors with just one print head and the ability to print both horizontally and vertically makes Eureka very interesting for many applications.


During DRUPA we spoke to many national and international customers, prospects and partners.

Due to various trends such as; late-stage versioning, personalized packaging (unboxing experiences), direct print on packaging (for instance to replace self-adhesive labels), inkjet integration, especially in the logistic field, will play an even more prominent role.


With our extensive portfolio we can offer a suitable solution for every application, including yours!