Ultra WB

Increase your throughput and uptime for increased profitability with DJM's Ultra WB print module technology

The latest printhead technology

Intergration of an Ultra Print Module

The Ultra WB print module technology uses the latest 600 dpi piezoelectric printhead from Kyocera. This printhead is characterized by the excellent jet straightness, solid construction with a steel nozzle plate. The printhead is equipped with internal ink recirculation and results in a higher open time of the ink and therefore less printhead cleaning is required. In addition, a wide variety of water-based ink sets are available for the system, so that a suitable ink is available for every application.

The Ultra WB print module can be used for a wide range of applications. Depending on the for the application required print resolution, print speeds of up to 200 meters per minute are possible (at a resolution of 600 x 300 dpi).


The print width of the Ultra WB print module is configured to the desired application requirements. The Ultra WB print module can be configured with a single printhead, or with multiple printheads that together form a staggered printbar of up to 100 inches.

Growth path

The Ultra WB print modules have been developed for flexible use. A black and white system can be expanded to a full colour system, or even with additional colours such as OVG or RGB for a wider colour range. This gives you the opportunity to grow the printing system with your business needs and protect your investment.

Flexible use

The Ultra print modules are easy to integrate, but can also be used as a stand-alone solution. In order to get the most out of your print configuration in terms of flexibility, effectiveness and profitability, we apply principles such as maximum output, reliability and ease of use in every project.

For checking printed output such as 1D and 2D codes, we offer camera inspection systems.

Benefits and cost saving

The Ultra print module technology comes with many benefits and cost savings, such as higher up-time, faster set-up time, high image quality, ink flexibility, no refurbishing cost and many more.  Read more

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Ultra Benefits

  • Easy to integrate
  • High speed - up to 200 m/min
  • Water based ink flexibility
  • Scalable width - up to 100 inch wide
  • Cost effective

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