The Toucan print module is our latest full-color inkjet print module and based on HP's PageWide technology.

Support a wide variety of applicationsToucan print module DJM

The Toucan print module – based on HP’s PageWide inkjet technology – is our latest full-color print module and is the perfect solution for short run production. The combination of the print width and the pigmented ink makes the Toucan suitable for a wide variety of applications. Because of its compact dimensions, the Toucan print module can be easily integrated into existing production lines or used as standalone.

High specification printhead

The native resolution of 1.200 dpi combined with the small drop sizes, will result in sharp edges for images and text. Another unique feature of the Toucan printhead is the print width of 11.7 inches (297 mm). Also all four colors - CMYK - are printed with one printhead, which guarantees optimal registering of the colors. This makes the Toucan system ideal for printing applications requiring large images, such as envelopes, labels, bags, displays, packaging, boxes and much more.

Durable vibrant colors

The Toucan has an internal ink system based on cartridges to provide an optimal combination of print quality and performance. Toucan uses the pigmented ink and offers durability on a wide variety of porous media types and has been tested for lightfastness, water resistance and scratch resistance.

Easy to use

The Toucan print module has an internal service station. The service station contains a printhead wiper and takes care of the capping, cleaning and wiping of the printhead. This automated routine is operated from the Toucan software, ensuring maximum ease of use and short set-up times.

Long-term use

The unique ‘Bar-in-Box’ principle of the Toucan system ensures long-term use. The expected life of the printhead, in combination with the automated printhead servicing, is up to 36 liters.  The printhead is part of the ‘Bar-in-Box’, which means that when the printhead needs to be replaced, the entire ‘Bar-in-Box’ unit is replaced and includes the ink system.

Toucan's wide print bar allows the user to print large images – up to 297 x 914 mm – in a single pass a wide variety of (porous) substrates.

The pigmented ink offers durability on a wide variety of porous media types and has been tested for lightfastness, water resistance and scratch resistance.

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Toucan Benefits

  • Printing width 11.7 inch (297 mm)
  • Full-color
  • Durable ink
  • Automated servicing

New software to maximize Toucan’s potential

To make optimal use of the Toucan, DJM has developed a new controller software for Toucan.

The Toucan software controls the print module and is developed from operator’s perspective, easy to use and intuitive. The operator has easy access to print job parameters such as file selection, TOF-delay and ink lay down.

By simply entering the job specifications and job file (PDF), the software rips the file and sends it to the print module for printing.

The Toucan software also monitors system status and alerts the operator in the event of an intervention, such as replacing ink cartridges or a printhead wiper.

Just select the file, the number of prints and print. Also the TOF-delay can be set to job specifications.

In addition the ink lay down can be adjusted by using easy sliders in the user display.

The Toucan has an internal servicing routine. Which means that the printhead wiper can be easily operated from the software.

Switching off the Toucan system is controlled from the software.

Toucan print module

Toucan software (basic controller software PDF-based)

Toucan software license (annual)

Start-up kit (one cartridge of each color, including cleaning towels)

Encoder, including cable (2 meter) and bracket

Basic photocell, including cable (2 meter) and bracket.

Advanced photocell, including cable (2 meter) and bracket.

Basic PC, including monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Basic Toucan print module mounting.

Advanced Toucan print module mounting.

Integrator kit 

Resell kit 










printed with Toucan

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