The Toucan print module is our latest full-color inkjet print module and based on HP's PageWide technology.

Support a wide variety of applications

The Toucan print module supports, with its printing width of 11.7 inch and image length up to 900 mm, a wide range of applications. From short run envelopes, labels, paper bags, to cardboard displays or boxes.

Toucan print module

Durable pigment ink

The Toucan print module has an internal four-color cartridge based ink system to provide an optimal combination of print quality and performance. The ink is pigment-based and produces high-quality, durable images and crisp, laser-like text. Depending on the media, this system can achieve outstanding lightfastness water durability, and scratch resistance.

Automated printhead servicing

The Toucan is equipped with an internal servicing station. The printhead capping, cleaning and wiping, ensuring maximum operator ease and uptime.

High print image quality

The Toucan print module has a high resolution printhead, combined with the small drop sizes and pigmented ink it results in a high print image quality.

Maximum productivity

The operator doesn’t need specific inkjet knowledge to operate the system. The ink supply system is cartridge based and is easy to exchange by the operator.

Realize full-color print jobs in many shapes and sizes

Toucan Benefits

  • Printing width 11.7 inch (297 mm)
  • Full-color
  • Pigmented ink
  • Internal servicing

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