DJM celebrates 25-years of inkjet innovation

After working for years with inkjet technology, Dick van der Maal started DJM in 1994 with the will and termination to improve inkjet applications. This week, DJM will celebrate its 25th anniversary.


In the beginning, inkjet printing was still at an early stage and with basic applications, but a lot could to be gained with customization. Because inkjet integration became a specialty, DJM turned out to be a true innovator and process optimizer.

Own development

Dick van der Maal with the 'personalived' present

To stay ahead, DJM is constantly investing in new developments; from software, print modules to electronics. A new ‘photonic based’ development project was launched in 2018, supported by the European Union. Implementing photonic technology will improve the control, precision and performance of the inkjet solutions.

A lot to choose from

With a ‘for every application the right inkjet printing solution’ approach, DJM develops the right solution based on different printhead technologies.

Software is crucial to get the most out of your print application, that is why DJM is constantly testing the Kameleon controller software, which is the only way to offer customers an advanced solution.

The Kameleon controller software platform developed in-house is print module independent and offers customers the freedom to choose the print module. For this DJM has a series of print modules based on different printhead manufacturers.

Depending on the substrate, the ink type, the printing speed and the image quality, DJM can select the most suitable solution in terms of productivity, flexibility and cost.

What is coming next?

With the R&D department working on all cylinders, new solutions will be launched in the upcoming months.

If you have a variable printing challenge, you’re in good hands with us, our passion of improving technology will form the bases of your success.

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25 years in a nutshell: