25 years in a nutshell:

I’m very proud to celebrate my 25th anniversary of entrepreneurship. In those 25 years DJM has developed itself to an innovative industrial inkjet company. We started with single-jet inkjet from Imaje together with our first software platform InkMaile, which is still used by many customers. Directly after we implemented the binary inkjet technology of Domino. Later we also became dealer from Buskro. After we integrated the HP TIJ3.0 inkjet technology in our InkMailer software, we were entering a new market which was mainly dominated by Kodak. In on project, we have installed 16 printheads on a collator with 8 infeed rolls and printing two-up. To synchronize the rolls which didn’t have any relation at startup we developed our first Logic Controller. At the end of the product lifetime we had over 150 units sold throughout the world, and we needed to find new inkjet technologies. We started to develop a special inkjet solution with recirculation, which was the next step in our development.

When HP launched their new TIJ4.0 print modules, DJM was one of the early-adaptors and started with full color high speed inkjet. Due to the high data rate needed to run full color we developed our new software platform Kameleon. This controller platform has a unique approach with on-the-fly ripping and scalable rips. Over 8 years now we can print at 800 ft/min (240 mtr/min) with multiple print modules controlled through one User Interface and multiple rips to rip on-the-fly at such a speed. We also start to combine Kodak with HP C800 full-color print modules and develop the Logic Controller 2. This unique approach is running successfully for many years.

The next step for DJM was to become less dependent of one inkjet technology. We developed a print system of 20-inch based on 12 Samba heads, and brought DJM in the next level of technology.

Last year we received a subsidy from the European Union to develop the next generation of inkjet, based on the implementation of photonic technology in our products. With all the in-house developments, we’re making inkjet more reliable and has proven that 99% up-time can be achieved. Now we will launch our new Logic Controller 3, with much more features that improves variable data printing processes. Based on our unique approach we are proud that we can implement different inkjet technologies in one software platform.

I realize that without the right people around me, I wouldn’t be able to grow the business. I want to thank all the former employees for their added value in the past. And of course, a big thank you to all current employees, as we are working as a team on the future of inkjet. Also, I want to thank all the customers who believed in us and make us stronger. A special note to Piet van der Poorten of Drukkerij van der Poorten who was my first customer and still is.

I’m able to work on my dream thanks to you, the unconditional support and sometimes the needed sacrifice for the favor of DJM, my family (Aartje, Anneloes & Dick jr)