Samba Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) print module

Increase your throughput and uptime for more profitability. The Samba UHS inkjet print solution brings your clients personalized offers and variable data concepts to life fast and in very high quality.

Your marketing personalived

The Samba inkjet print solution is packed with integrated functions. Based on a Fujifilm Dimatix innovation, it combines the benefits of traditional inkjet techniques. Quality printing up to 1200 dpi, a high throughput and operational flexibility. This new, robust piezo inkjet technology is profoundly reliable. The Samba provides unparalleled stability, uniformity, maintainability and scalability.

To gain speed, DJM developed the Samba UHS (Ultra High Speed) and is equipped with a double array. This printhead technology enables tightly integrated print bars with stitched printheads. With Samba UHS we offer you stand-alone and integrated inkjet solutions for increased print possibilities.

The latest of inkjet in a single technology

The Samba UHS accommodated high processing speeds of up to 300 meters per minute @ 1200 x 600 dpi, or 150 meters per minute @ 1200 x 1200 dpi.

The optimized recirculation of ink around the nozzles reduces nozzle dropout and cleaning maintenance. No specific inkjet knowledge is needed to operate a system equipped with the Samba print technology. Printhead consumables are redundant and incidental printhead replacement is effortless.

The Samba print modules are easily integrable in web offset presses or used as stand-alone. DJM developed a web inkjet tower specifically designed for the Samba print modules. The web inkjet tower meets monochrome and full color demands and can be connected to pre- and post equipment for an optimized throughput.

Maximize your digital potential

Samba benefits
• High speed
• Top-level resolution
• Increased uptime
• User friendly