Software Engineering

DJM is an international manufacturer of industrial inkjet printers. We work together with highly regarded knowledge companies, such as HP and Fujifilm. Within the company we work on our own ink management systems, workflow software, data processes and controls of Real Time processes.

Our products are used in the printing process of all kinds of variable data. This includes printing scratch cards, brochures, packaging, but also T-shirts or bags. Our fastest techniques now achieve print speeds of up to 5 m/s and are used worldwide.

Within the company we work with various programming languages, such as C, C++ and VHDL. You work together with colleagues who are happy to support you, but you are also given the responsibility to work on your own project. Below are various projects that you can carry out at DJM.


  • Analysis tool with database on either Pihub or server
  • User interface Octipus for HP system
  • Octipus driver for new HP head
  • Testing with copying data between different memory and different sockets
  • Dithering on an Nvidia card/Cuda
  • User interface for Logic controller/hardware configuration for Octipus
  • Nozzle pattern test automatically analyze for nozzle compensation
  • Automatic color calibration

Embedded systems

  • Develop head driver board for various print modules
  • Improving the substrate carrier
  • Heater control for the ink management system
  • New scheme for new system ink management system
  • Automatic head cleaning system


  • Automatic head cleaning system
  • Vacuum knife for under the print head


DJM wants to become successful in the flexible packaging market as they also want to use variable data and inkjet printing systems to respond more quickly to changing market demands, facilitate smaller production runs, etc.

During the internship you will draw up and implement a market research plan. The starting point is to map the current manufacturing process of flexible packaging and investigate what market trends and themes there are. Your focus is on developments in production companies, such as efficiency, production variants and use of materials and their impact on the environment.

Your research will be used in the marketing plan and included in marketing campaigns.

Your tasks

  • You research the packaging industry worldwide, specifically flexible packaging, identifying trends and themes.
  • You work intensively with sales and marketing to gain insight into DJM and its products and services.
  • You regularly report your findings to management.

Who are we looking for?

Are you in your final year of your education and do you need an internship where you can gain experience in the B-to-B market in an international setting and have a strong affinity with technology and ICT?
Then we would like to invite you to respond!

What do we offer?

  • A internship for 4 to 6 months in Harderwijk
  • An internship allowance
  • The opportunity to gain experience with an international, technical player

“Photonic driven inkjet"

DJM is working on the “Photonic driven inkjet” project, for which we have received a subsidy from the EU. The main objective of the project is to register substrate movements in 3 dimensions and simultaneously make adjustments in controlling the print module. In this way, the perfect inkjet droplet is created under all circumstances and is positioned in the right place on the substrate. To achieve this, a measuring method must be developed to track the substrate and sensors must be developed that can perform these measurements. In addition, an encoder must be developed that can perform measurements in the X, Y and Z dimensions.'
In other words, we want to achieve that at an imprint speed of 5 m/sec (300 m/min) - on, for example, previously printed offset sheets - each inkjet imprint is digitally brought into register with the offset image, regardless of position deviations between the preprints. This also applies to the full-colour inkjet print itself, the digital color units of which must remain in register. This, in combination with a resolution of 4,800 dpi and a print width of 100 cm, requires the aforementioned data processing of 2.5 terabytes/sec.

Many development and career opportunities

'I started at DJM during my studies. I started with a part-time job and then I was also able to do my internship and graduation assignment at DJM. After my studies, I started working full-time as a Software Developer and am now working on a project where we are developing a new print module.'
Gerco Smit
Software Developer

'I started my first internship at DJM in 2013. Since then, I have been given the opportunity to continue my studies at DJM and also have a challenging part-time job in which I develop all kinds of smart solutions to advance inkjet technology.'
Dinant Reijnders
Embedded Developer

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