Welcome to a 'personalived' world of inkjet

Welcome to our ‘personalived’ world of inkjet

The graphic arts market is evolving, clearly visible in trends such as hybrid communication, versionizing and personal messaging. As a print service provider you have to face many challenges such as short production runs and decreasing lead times.  For your continued success it is important to implement new technologies to improve productivity and flexibility, while saving costs.

We develop and supply a range of inkjet printing solutions based on the latest technology, to enhance your demanding variable data printing applications.  Creating high-end inkjet hardware and software solutions to meet your customer requirements. Bringing your company goals to life.

Going the extra mile

In the current and future printing market, inkjet is instrumental in a targeted end-consumer approach. In increasing customer loyalty but also in customer safety. Our inkjet solutions help you and your clients create distinct products for individual needs.
As your reliable business partner we like to take the personal approach. Go the extra mile. We take personal pride in researching and developing the best industrial inkjet solutions.

We ’personalive’ your inkjet dreams.

Looking for the best fit to complement your digital print jobs?

Inkjet means digital freedom. DJM is sure to provide an inkjet solution to match both your companies and your client’s needs.