HP Color Print Module

The Color Print Module is a brand new full color inkjet printing system and uses the latest thermal inkjet technology (TIJ4) from HP.

The TIJ4 technology – also used in HPs webpress – is well-known for its high print image quality, operator friendliness and reliability.

Every print head is equipped with a double nozzle row which give the system the unique nozzle redundancy.

With a maximum print swath of 4,25 inch (approx. 108 mm), one single system is often sufficient to print a various of applications. If a wider print area is required the printing system can be expanded with additional modules.

The Color Print Module is equipped with a comprehensive, automated service station. This service station ensures that the print heads are automatically capped when not in use and automatically are cleaned when going to print state, with excellent print quality and high up-times as result.

The Color Print Module is equipped with an external ink supply system with two bulk ink cartridges of 775 ml for each process color. The automatic over switching between the two cartridges enables long production runs without stops.

The Color Print Module uses only three different kind of consumables; printheads, printhead cleaners and bulk ink supplies, which can be replaced without any tools. This makes the system very operator friendly.

Brochure DJM Color Print Module C500
Datasheet DJM Color Print Module

Choose printed matter that will be read!

Together with variable data printing, the Color Print Module will get you printed matter that will be read! Convince yourself and ask for a demo.

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Use cases

The HP Color Print Module can be used for:

  • addressing
  • lottery tickets
  • personalized mailings

Integration options

The HP Color Print Module can be integrated in:

  • rotation offset presses
  • roll collator machines
  • web finishing lines

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