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Up time

With the Samba/Ultra inkjet system you have maximum availability of your equipment. The cleaning procedure for the inkjet printing system is limited to purging and dipping of the printbar. The time involved could be less as a couple of minutes each 8 hour shift. You can expect an uptime of your system of 99%.

Annual capacity is  2.000 hours

Up time technology X = 80%
Production hours (80% from 2.000) = 1.600 hours

Up time Samba technology = 99%
Production hours (99% from 2.000) = 1.980 hours

Annual cost saving: 380 hours x € 500 p/hour = € 190.000,00

Refurbishing cost

The Samba/Ultra print modules are based on Fujifilm’s Dimatix samba printhead. The high-specification piezo printhead is designed for long lasting performance and doesn’t need costly refurbishing routines. Long lasting printheads means NO refurbishing cost, NO shipping cost and NO cost for back-up print modules. This saves you money and time.

Set-up time

Setting-up the Samba/Ultra print systems takes only a couple of minutes, guaranteeing maximum availability of your costly web press or finishing line. Due to the internal recirculation of the ink in the printhead, the system is ready when you are. Maximizing your machine availability maximizes your productivity as well as your profit.


The Samba printhead is designed for stitching and to form a tight and straight printbar. The print modules are manufactured upon customer specification. The Ultra print module 10-inch is for up to 6 samba printheads. The Samba print module 20-inch up to 12 samba printheads. Need another printbar length? No problem, we manufacture these on customer specification, up to 100 inch wide.

High print quality

The Samba printhead based print modules are characterized by the high native resolution – of 1.200 dpi – small droplets, internal ink recirculation and excellent jetting straightness. This results in a very high image quality.

Ink flexibility

The piezo based Samba/Ultra print modules comes with a wide choice of ink. Next to the standard water based dye or pigment, also UV curable or even security inks are available. We work with the different world class ink manufacturers, so for every application we can find a solution.

Mixed inkjet technologies

The Kameleon controller is developed to control the different inkjet print modules; Samba, Ultra, HP, Cheetah and what comes next. If you want to mix technologies in one production line we have the flexible solution you are looking for. Especially for Kodak users, DJM has developed a special software interface to combine these technologies.

Full color grow path

The Samba and Ultra print modules are developed for flexible use. A monochrome system can be upgraded to full color, just by adding additional print modules. This enables customers to grow the business before doing the investment.

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