News | 29-09-2023

Bas, our new sales intern

DJM has always invested in offering internships, to give talent a chance and to learn together during the process. Bas van Gorcum started in the sales and marketing department on September 5 to gain work experience and fulfill his internship assignment. We wish Bas much success in his research and especially hope that he not only learns a lot but also has an enjoyable time.

Hello, I am Bas, an enthusiastic fourth-year student at Windesheim Zwolle. I have chosen the sales specialization. In addition to obtaining an SMA certificate through on-campus training, I am going to do an internship at DJM. I am currently in the third week of my internship, and I will make the most of this time to gain more experience in international sales in the Business-to-Business market. I will embark on this adventure with Arwin van Oostveen, and I look forward to learning more in the field of sales, thanks in part to his expertise. I am very curious about what the upcoming weeks will bring, and I will do my utmost to make this internship a success for both parties!"

News | 11-04-2023

Transition of the packaging industry supported with a subsidy from OP-Oost and the European Union

DJM develops new inkjet printing technology for the packaging industry

The packaging industry is subject to many trends and developments. The main driver is the general desire to make the supply chain more sustainable. One of the trends is to make packaging production more flexible through the use of digital printing technology.

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News | 01-02-2023

New developments supported with a subsidy from OP-Oost and the European Union

DJM implements photonic technology in new generation printers

The drive of DJM has always been to offer its business partners the best possible inkjet printing solution. This desire results in a clear design philosophy and focuses on the development of inkjet related hard- and software.

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News | 17-01-2023

We welcome Zbigniew ...... starting the year fresh!

As of January 2, Zbigniew Killinski has joined our technical department. With his knowledge and experience he is a welcome addition to the team.

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News | 19-12-2022

Closed on December 26th.

Monday 26 December we will be closed for Christmas. But we are available between Christmas and New Year for all your questions.

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News | 14-12-2022

A warm welcome to Aneta

To manage growth it is important to optimize all processes. With the arrival of Aneta, the administration and logistics department will be expanded so we can get things better and faster.

We wish Aneta welcome on her first day at work, but we will let her introduce herself:

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News | 11-11-2022

Expanding the electronic fleet

The electric vehicle fleet has been further expanded. Arwin van Oostveen now drives fully electrically to meet customers and partners.

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News | 21-10-2022

We welcome Jeffrey to the team

Today we are excited to tell you about latest addition to the DJM team, Jeffrey Kooijer a new face in the mechanical engineering department. We will let him introduce himself:

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News | 10-08-2022

DJM goes solar to reduce carbon footprint

On our journey to make DJM more sustainable, DJM has invested in solar energy. These new solar panels will help DJM reduce their emissions by ensuring that 99 percent of the time our company runs on sustainable energy.

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News | 09-08-2022

New faces in a growing team

We're excited to announce that the team is expanding so we can grow the business, become more successful, and get things done faster! Here is a brief introduction to some of the latest new faces.

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