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About Z&O Binders

Z&O Binders Zevenbergen is a midsize Dutch company specialized in after press/finishing activities like saddle stitching, cutting, folding and film wrapping. With a number of modern and professional finishing equipment Z&O has a focus on mid to high volume productions. With a strong focus on new technologies Z&O has expand their services to create new business opportunities.


The graphic arts market follows the trend in a more different format of personalization
of printing art (mail pieces, journals, magazines and catalogs). To serve new customers, Z&O had to personalize the finished magazines (after the traditional finishing). The personalization- addressing – had to be printed in high quality.

The challenge

Typical for magazine publishers is the fixed release dates and short timeframe for production. At the same time they had to personalize the magazines in high quality addressing, and was a real challenge. After offset printing the signatures are processed
into an stitched magazine. To optimize the postal handling the magazines should be personalized with a customer code, name and addressing and automatically sorted for the postal service provider.

The solution

The consultancy job of DJM resulted in various solutions. Based on a proof of concept and test phase, DJM was invited to implement the IPAS425i inkjet printer. To optimize the production, a smooth integration of the IPAS425i with the saddle stitcher of Müller Martini was required. After three knife trimming, the magazines are directly send to the inkjet section. As a result of the high print quality, additional information, like a (customer) logo or image could be added to the design. The stacker can also be controlled by workflow commands in the DJM lay out platform. This one step automated process supports the production of Z&O binders from pre-printed paper to finished and personalized magazines. In 2009 Z&O decided to invest in an additional IPAS425i inkjet printing system to expand there production capacity. With the introduction of the IPAS systems Z&O is very pleased what they have accomplished in terms of flexibility, workflow optimization and innovation.

The advantages for Z&O

  • Optimized inline workflow
  • Automated cleaning process of the print head which saves production time and money
  • New business opportunities by high image quality
  • Short setup times
  • Operator focus on finishing and quality due to the operator friendliness fo the IPAS system
  • Low running cost by reliability and low maintenance
For integrating the IPAS425i inkjet printing system into the finishing line, the system was mounted on a vacuum based conveyor.

The IPAS system is put inline with the three knife trimmer. After printing the magazines are fed in a stacker unit where also the sorting takes place.

Benefits of cooperation with DJM

  • Over 16 years of inkjet experience with integration projects in the graphic arts and direct mailing industry
  • Technology driven and always seeking for new and innovative ways to optimize production flows
  • Constant development of inkjet technologies and controlling software
  • Full OEM partner of HP so availability of future technologies is granted

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